Klaros-Testmanagement 4.6.3 released

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Klaros-Testmanagement 4.6.3 released

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We are pleased to announce the release of Klaros-Testmanagement version 4.6.3.

This is a maintenance release that comes with over 35 improvements and stability fixes.

The 4.6.x feature release adds more than 150 new features, improvements and bugfixes in comparison to 4.5.x!


  •  It is now possible to create copies of Report Templates
  •  The print pages now show data from the overview pages (e.g. compliance and coverage rates, automation rate, project members)
  •  Project roles can now be changed from the user details pages
  •  Temporary changes on Report Templates can now be reverted
  •  Improved Jira support for issue editing and requirement synchronization
  •  Support for adding predefined test case result comments
  •  Job progress and success rates are now weighted according to the number of contained test cases
  •  Various improvements to test case handling

Release Notes:

Version 4.6.3 - 2017-03-09:


[KLAROS-3269] - The progress rate of jobs with testsuites, that contain both manual and automated test cases, should consider auomated test cases
[KLAROS-3264] - Improve rendering speed in the list view of the test client
[KLAROS-3262] - Test result attachment icon layout mismatch
[KLAROS-3259] - New revision creator information must not be inherited from the original revision
[KLAROS-3245] - Remove 24 hour limitation for job execution time estimations
[KLAROS-3241] - Streamline copying of external requirements between projects
[KLAROS-3231] - Set the status of synchronized requirements to "approved" and hide the "status" column from the requirements table
[KLAROS-3207] - Add support for MantisBT 2.0.0 stable
[KLAROS-3171] - The support expiry date should not be displayed on on-demand instances
[KLAROS-3159] - Job settings for test environments and systems under tests should follow the constraints of the assigned iteration if this information is set

Fixed Bugs:

[KLAROS-3279] - Switching projects while on the reports dashboard doesn't refresh the reports until after a manual refresh
[KLAROS-3278] - Error generating the Test Run Overview Report chart
[KLAROS-3276] - Deleting a category and then it's parent category in one go leaves stale category references in the database
[KLAROS-3275] - Unable to create a test suite review from the test suite details page
[KLAROS-3274] - Default enumeration values are not copied when copying objects between projects
[KLAROS-3271] - Values of custom Jira Version fields are not being synchronized
[KLAROS-3270] - Discarding changes on a non-saved report should redirect to the list of user defined reports
[KLAROS-3261] - Unable to validate reports with script parameters
[KLAROS-3260] - The hyperlinks on the matrix of test case overview page do not work and instead are creating duplicate entries the result in the overview table when pressed
[KLAROS-3256] - On the jobs by user page, the value of the estimated time field is always in english, regardless of the selected language
[KLAROS-3255] - Exception when saving new (not cloned) report templates
[KLAROS-3249] - If notifications for failed test case results are configured, executing a testsuite will only send a notification if the first testcase of the testsuite fails
[KLAROS-3248] - Removing a subjob from a job sets the status of the parent job to 'resolved'
[KLAROS-3244] - Unable to send test failure notification mails for test executions not bound to a persisted job
[KLAROS-3240] - Exception when finally deleting a project that has copies of external requirements from another project
[KLAROS-3238] - Exception after successfully purging a project
[KLAROS-3236] - Exception after successfully deleting notification schemes
[KLAROS-3235] - Unable to send notification mails
[KLAROS-3233] - Anew input of Jira credentials is required for connection testing even if the credentials are already provided
[KLAROS-3229] - The progress rate of parent jobs is always set to 100% without considering the progress rate of the subjobs
[KLAROS-3228] - After bulk assigning jobs to another iteration the jobs are still visible in the original iteration
[KLAROS-3226] - Searching for user defined string values returns no results except for jobs
[KLAROS-3165] - Exception when opening the popup window to edit linked property enum values
[KLAROS-2361] - Selected projects for reports on the reports dashboard cannot be unselected after downgrading to a community edition license

Version 4.6.2 - 2017-01-27:


[KLAROS-3222] - When switching between projects while on the search results page, automatically execute a new search for the target project
[KLAROS-3153] - Delete remote requirements in Klaros that have been deleted from remote RMS systems
[KLAROS-1270] - Allow copying of user defined reports

Fixed Bugs:

[KLAROS-3225] - Impossible to open the issue details page when on the issue list of the system under test details page
[KLAROS-3224] - Updated attachment data for re-uploaded test environment attachments is not immediately visible during test execution
[KLAROS-3223] - German translation for the 'Show All' button on various overview pages does not fit the button boundaries
[KLAROS-3221] - Remove the mistakenly included filter and search panel of the assigned test cases list in the test suite details view
[KLAROS-3219] - Unable to apply priority filter to requirements
[KLAROS-3218] - Pressing the 'Cancel' button when cloning notification schemes has no effect
[KLAROS-3217] - Unable to save new notification schemes
[KLAROS-3214] - Synchronizing requirements with an external Jira system can save duplicate requirements if the synchronize button is pressed multiple times in a row
[KLAROS-3212] - Managers can view objects of projects to which they shouldn't have access to via the project dropdown selector
[KLAROS-3211] - Unable to search for project related objects using the global search function
[KLAROS-3151] - Synchronizing Jira issues fails for projects that link to one or more issues that have been deleted from Jira

Version 4.6.1 - 2017-01-13:


[KLAROS-3193] - Increase overall performance by increasing the cache size of the underlying tomcat web server
[KLAROS-3173] - Add icons to the help menu to improve usability
[KLAROS-3163] - Add a revision selector to the overview pages of revisionable objects (test case, test suite, requirement)
[KLAROS-3158] - New revisions of objects should have their own "created" timestamp
[KLAROS-3139] - Improve user interface consistency for the custom enumeration value selection dialog
[KLAROS-3124] - Allow to map multiple jira enumaration values to a single Klaros enumaration value when synchronizing external properties
[KLAROS-3075] - For write protected objects the attachment upload button should be visible and disabled instead of just missing
[KLAROS-3067] - Show more data on the details print pages (compliance and coverage rates, automation rate, project members)
[KLAROS-3052] - Pressing the back button on the test run details page if it was opened via the continue test run list should return to that list
[KLAROS-2806] - Add a section to the Configure/Overview page to show version information
[KLAROS-2117] - Always show the link "Click here to define a new user defined property" on the user defined tab
[KLAROS-2095] - Allow managers to assign and change project roles of users from within user details pages
[KLAROS-1968] - While editing Report Templates, provide the ability to revert unsaved changes to the script or the template
[KLAROS-1551] - Add an option to hide the version number and update information from the start page and the footer

Fixed Bugs:

[KLAROS-3205] - When synchronizing remote requirements, the field "issuetype" is ignored
[KLAROS-3202] - Unable to permanently delete a project that contains a testsuite with at least one assigned testcase
[KLAROS-3200] - Impossible to import Klaros backup files that contain mobile device information that would exceed the number of licensed mobile devices
[KLAROS-3199] - If multiple test runs refer to the same job and one of the test runs is completed, the other test runs can not be continued
[KLAROS-3196] - Impossible to delete test case result attachments
[KLAROS-3195] - The values of the "Result" column on the test suite result details page is missing from the excel export
[KLAROS-3192] - Jira reports an error message when creating an issue that has a custom multi value field with non-custom values (version,component, etc)
[KLAROS-3191] - When saving a requirement property link, the type of the Klaros property is unsolicitedly set to the type of the external property
[KLAROS-3190] - When synchronizing remote requirements, enum fields are erroneously mapped to the default value in some cases
[KLAROS-3189] - The description and summary fields of remote requirements are not updated while synchronizing
[KLAROS-3187] - Trying to delete a testcase that is linked to a previously deleted test suite shows a superfluous warning
[KLAROS-3186] - Unable to synchronize some non-custom fields (e.g. Fix Version and Component) when synchronizing requirements
[KLAROS-3184] - The number of results on the 'results' tab of test cases and test suites is missing skipped results
[KLAROS-3178] - Exception when assigning a job that has a test suite assigned as a subjob of another job
[KLAROS-3177] - On the project details page with a configured RMS, navigating to the 'Integration/RMS' tab, the 'Copy Objects' tab and back to the the 'Integration/RMS' tab will deselect the RMS
[KLAROS-3176] - Exception when double clicking the delete button when removing a single step from a test case
[KLAROS-3175] - Users can be assigned multiple times to the same project when converting a project into an access-restricted one
[KLAROS-3174] - Trying to add a user as a manager to an up until then non-access-restricted project that has results or jobs assigned to other testers, will add those users as testers and leaves the project without a manager
[KLAROS-3172] - It should not be possible to define duplicate enumeration values for user defined properties
[KLAROS-3168] - Impossible to navigate to a requirements' details page after creating a new user defined property and then switching back to an old assigned RMS
[KLAROS-3167] - Unable to edit previously saved custom enum script parameter value names
[KLAROS-3166] - Disappearing popup content after editing enum script parameter values that results in a name conflict
[KLAROS-3165] - Exception when opening the popup window to edit linked property enum values
[KLAROS-3164] - Creating a new requirement revision should include the test case references of the old revision
[KLAROS-3162] - The overview charts on the System under Test and Test Environment overview pages show erroneous values
[KLAROS-3161] - Testers should not be able to set or unset user defined boolean property values during test execution
[KLAROS-3157] - Removing a user defined property should also remove associated RMS/Project property links
[KLAROS-3156] - Toggling View Mode during Testcasestep editing should not be reset after pressing the "Save" or "Discard" button
[KLAROS-3141] - Deleting a category node that has objects assigned removes the objects from the category group entirely
[KLAROS-3062] - If the system settings "Testers may only execute tests via a related job" and "Testers may only resume jobs assigned to them" are both set, testers can still continue any test run
[KLAROS-3058] - End dates for iterations and jobs can be set before start dates during bulk edit
[KLAROS-3046] - Trying to schedule a review job or an execution job whose start date is before its end date fails to correctly display the error message and hides part of the popup
[KLAROS-3043] - The test case result dropdown list on the test suite result popup is missing automated test cases
[KLAROS-3006] - The calculation of the coverage and compliance value on the iterationDetailsPage is not correct
[KLAROS-2838] - Managers are unable to access configuration sections if the currently selected project is access restricted and they aren't manager in that project
[KLAROS-2807] - Corrupt layout in the test runner when linking an issue to a test case after a test run
[KLAROS-2805] - The navigation bar of the html documentation overlays part of the documentation content
[KLAROS-1967] - The UI is shown in the wrong language after editing available and assigned languages

Version 4.6.0 - 2016-11-28

New Features:

[KLAROS-3018] - Improve Jira custom field rendering
[KLAROS-3100] - Allow to specify more information regarding the reason why a test case has been skipped
[KLAROS-3102] - Job progress and success rates should be weighted according to the number of involved test cases


[KLAROS-3064] - Prevent testers from editing results of other testers
[KLAROS-3073] - Support conducting reviews of test suites
[KLAROS-3088] - Speed up table rendering by avoiding field update checks of read only content
[KLAROS-3099] - Add test suite containment filtering criteria to test cases
[KLAROS-3101] - Export the last test result info column to excel
[KLAROS-3106] - Revamp the layout of the RMS tab on the project details page
[KLAROS-3107] - Improve changing of user name entries of already saved users
[KLAROS-3108] - After completing a job for uploading an automated test result, the job status should be resolved instead of closed, to match the manual execution behavior
[KLAROS-3112] - Add support for bulk removing test cases from test suites
[KLAROS-3121] - Reduce the number of times Klaros syncs with remote issue management systems during issue creation or editing
[KLAROS-3130] - When assigning objects to a new category in the "Assign to a new category" popup, the selected category should be highlighted
[KLAROS-3140] - Show the number of already defined enumeration values for a custom enumeration field
[KLAROS-3142] - Non-Manager users should be able to do xml exports of projects in which they are assigned as managers
[KLAROS-3147] - Do not always request confirmation for the deletion of unsaved custom property definitions
[KLAROS-3154] - Improve handling of removed user defined enum property values in regards to RMS synchronization

Bug Fixes:

[KLAROS-2992] - Error importing test results
[KLAROS-3033] - Error when permanently skipping the last test case in a test suite
[KLAROS-3054] - Deleted test suites and requirements appear in the the list of test suites and requirements a test case relates to
[KLAROS-3057] - When rendering a repost via a report script, the precondition, postcondition and expected result fields are not displayed correctly if they are longer than 1024 characters
[KLAROS-3059] - Empty lists of projects in the dashboard configuration popups after a fresh login with collapsed project selector
[KLAROS-3061] - Testers should not be able to create or edit job dependencies
[KLAROS-3066] - Reports that access categories fail to render
[KLAROS-3068] - Exception when assigning a RMS to a project if no project is actively selected
[KLAROS-3069] - Changing the verdict of a test case step result on the test case result details page causes the popup content to disappear
[KLAROS-3071] - After creating two new jobs and adding a job dependency the dependent job was still executable
[KLAROS-3077] - For a write protected job the job dependency tab is still editable
[KLAROS-3079] - Impossible to synchronize requirements when selecting individual issue types
[KLAROS-3083] - Changed LDAP settings are not immediately activated when testing the LDAP access
[KLAROS-3084] - When authenticating a user via LDAP a NPE occurs during successful authentication when automatic user creation has been disabled
[KLAROS-3085] - Skipped test results should not be listed as the last result of a test case
[KLAROS-3086] - MIssing table on overview pages after switching tabs
[KLAROS-3087] - Unable to generate print preview for a user job details page
[KLAROS-3095] - Error during the approval of a test case or test suite during the execution of a review job
[KLAROS-3097] - Exception when trying to delete interdependent jobs via the bulk delete option
[KLAROS-3098] - Exception when deleting a category node after deleting one of its sub category nodes and then saving the whole category tree
[KLAROS-3104] - Error message 'Cannot connect to proxy at host:null' when testing network proxy settings
[KLAROS-3109] - Automated test execution jobs marked as dirty in the 'My Jobs' view after execution
[KLAROS-3110] - Resolved and closed own jobs are not displayed as such on the "My Jobs" page
[KLAROS-3111] - When deleting test runs the project and iteration test run count is not updated immediately
[KLAROS-3113] - Test suites are not immediately marked as locked after first execution
[KLAROS-3114] - Imported test results are not directly updated in the test case result per test case view
[KLAROS-3116] - Exception when opening the requirements print page after creating a new requirement category group
[KLAROS-3117] - RestClientException when trying to save an issue to a remote JIRA system that has an unsupported field type
[KLAROS-3119] - Unable to overwrite an expired license file with a valid new one
[KLAROS-3120] - Unable to synchronize requirements from Jira projects when no version information is configured
[KLAROS-3122] - The community edition shows a superfluous "New" button on the "Configure/System/Interface" page
[KLAROS-3125] - Inconsistent listing of requirement coverage in the print pages
[KLAROS-3127] - The categories view is closed upon trying to create the initial category group from the hint box
[KLAROS-3128] - Marking a test case step as failed, error or skipped during execution without finishing the test erroneously skips all remaining steps
[KLAROS-3129] - Unable to sort or filter test suite or test case selection tables on the job details page
[KLAROS-3134] - Deleting a user defined property also removes all assigned users from the project if the user is not on the Access tab when pressing the save button
[KLAROS-3144] - Error merging conflicts during test case editing