Modify imported test results

Peter Sammer, modified 8 Years ago.

Modify imported test results

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we recently imported test execution results of our test automation tool (TestComplete).
During import, you must set the "Test Environment" of the result, but we - by mistake - set wrong values.
Is it possible to modify the Test Environment of an existing test case result (and existing test suite results)?

Fabian Klaffke, modified 8 Years ago.

RE: Modify imported test results (Answer)

Padawan Posts: 92 Join Date: 9/1/12 Recent Posts
Hi Peter,

though it isn't possible to change the test environment of an imported test run afterwards, you can simply delete the test run associated with the erroneous test case result.

First, select the test case result in question by navigating to Evaluate/Test Case Results and then press the magnifying glass icon. In this detailed view of the test case result,  Test Run: shows the test run that has been created during the import of the result file (e.g. "TRU0000310 - 7/4/16 9:41:24 AM"). Delete this test run by pressing the trash bin icon under Evaluate/Test Runs. Note that this will also delete all other test case results and test suite results that were part of the same imported result file.

Now you can import the result file again with the correct test environment set.