Klaros-Testmanagement 4.4.3 released

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Klaros-Testmanagement 4.4.3 released

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We are pleased to announce the release of Klaros-Testmanagement version 4.4.3.

This is a hot-fix release that fixes performance problems introduced in release 4.4.2.

The 4.4.x release of Klaros-Testmanagement focuses on issue management system and requirements management system integration and includes more than 8 new features as well as 29 improvements and bugfixes over 4.3.x.

Some of the highlights are:

Synchronization of requirements from remote requirements management systems

Instead of duplicating existing requirement definitions by hand, you can now synchronize with an external JIRA project. Custom JIRA-fields are supported as well as file attachments are! You can even freely choose how to link fields between Klaros-Testmanagement and JIRA.

Support for Jira 7 and Jira Studio REST API

From JIRA 7.0 onwards (resp. 6.0 if you're using Atlassian Cloud), two of JIRAs remote APIs (XML-RPC and SOAP) are being discontinued. Klaros-Testmanagement now additionally supports JIRAs REST-API, which is available since JIRA 4.3.

Support for GitHub Issue Trackers

In addition to Bugzilla, Jira, Mantis, Redmine and Trac, the integrated Issue Tracker of GitHub is now also supported for remote issue tracking.

REST-API for Klaros-Testmanagement

The Enterprise Edition of Klaros-Testmanagement now ships with a RESTful API supporting JSON and XML formats that enables developers and users to read data from Klaros using HTTP Requests.

Customizable Reports for Issues and Jobs

Additional customizable report templates have been added to show a clear and precise reference of your current project status regarding issues to be resolved and your current job schedule.
Each of these predefined reports can be enhanced and adapted to your needs using the built-in custom report editor.

Support for additional test result formats

GoogleTest, TESSY, JsUnit, JBehave, gtester and embUnit join our constantly expanded list of supported automated test tools.

Dynamic Text parameter substitutions

It is now possible to show user defined property values during manual test execution! For example, if you write %sut:build-number% in the description of the test case, it will show the build number of the system under test the executing user is testing on instead!

Extended category filtering

You can now filter for test case and test suite categories while you're creating jobs from test cases or test suites

Release Notes:

Version 4.4.3 - 2016-03-29


  • [KLAROS-2900] - Support substitution of custom iteration attributes in test case descriptions

Fixed Bugs:

  • [KLAROS-2896] - After finally deleting a project an error during the page refresh occurs
  • [KLAROS-2897] - Background thread needlessly locks CPU cycles
  • [KLAROS-2898] - Unable to access issue management systems using the Jira-legacy driver
  • [KLAROS-2899] - Misplaced bulk add test case to test suite icon

Version 4.4.2 - 2016-03-23


  • [KLAROS-2852] - Fix default on job state parameter value in job detail custom report
  • [KLAROS-2854] - During Excel export, write integer values as numbers into cells instead of text
  • [KLAROS-2884] - Lower the batchsize for retrieving requirements during background synchronization for an increased transmission quality
  • [KLAROS-2891] - Add description of JSON object model formats to the resource API documentation

Fixed Bugs:

  • [KLAROS-2808] - The number of test cases on the test suites list page in wrong in some cases
  • [KLAROS-2823] - Exception when switching links between a test case result and two different test cases during test case result import
  • [KLAROS-2839] - A user with global role tester is unable to change the project name even if he has a manager role for this project
  • [KLAROS-2842] - When a new user is created, it can only be assigned to a project after the administrator logs in again
  • [KLAROS-2847] - When deleting attachments the number of attachments in the tab header is not updated properly
  • [KLAROS-2849] - Incompletly cloned test cases reported
  • [KLAROS-2850] - Unable to edit dialog attributes when creating a review as a tester
  • [KLAROS-2851] - Conflict resolution error when editing sub-jobs
  • [KLAROS-2855] - The bulk delete icon on the test runs page is misplaced
  • [KLAROS-2856] - Test runs with no test case results are present in the database
  • [KLAROS-2857] - Error in user list print preview
  • [KLAROS-2858] - Imported requirements are created without initial state information
  • [KLAROS-2859] - Exception while changing the project of a report on the dashboard
  • [KLAROS-2862] - The "Move Job(s)" function to move subjobs to a specific position is broken
  • [KLAROS-2864] - The order of subjobs on the job details page is ignored in the subjobs table
  • [KLAROS-2869] - Corrupted export xml files when using an external requirements management system
  • [KLAROS-2870] - errors in googletest result files are imported as passed
  • [KLAROS-2874] - Test suites with no executable test cases are marked as automatically executable in the UI
  • [KLAROS-2875] - Creating new SubJobs causes navigation UI elements to disappear
  • [KLAROS-2876] - Impossible to access subjob details right after creating subjobs
  • [KLAROS-2877] - Unable to re-execute from the test case or test suite result list pages in some cases
  • [KLAROS-2878] - The list of test cases and test suites in the execute section are not properly refreshed upon section navigation
  • [KLAROS-2879] - Unable to create issue in Jira when the German locale default is set (errors={summary=Sie müssen eine Zusammenfassung des Vorgangs angeben.})
  • [KLAROS-2882] - Jira Requirement synchronization may fail if an attachment of a remote requirement is missing
  • [KLAROS-2883] - The Remote API documentation shows superfluous curly braces in paths
  • [KLAROS-2885] - The maximum number of 1000 elements in a parameter list for SQL statements is exceeded in special cases when using an Oracle database
  • [KLAROS-2886] - Unable to sync external ids and custom attributes in the the requirement sync REST interface
  • [KLAROS-2888] - Impossible to permanently delete some projects by an administrator
  • [KLAROS-2889] - Unable to purge projects containing jobs which are related to an iteration
  • [KLAROS-2890] - Unable to purge projects containing requirement property links
  • [KLAROS-2892] - If an issue relating a test case is saved multiple times it may be referenced more than once
  • [KLAROS-2893] - When deleting the currently active project, another project could not be selected until the user logs out

Version 4.4.1 - 2016-02-24

Fixed Bugs:

  • [KLAROS-2840] - Exception while trying to create new test suite revisions
  • [KLAROS-2844] - Unable to apply filters at Job from test case/suite generation pages
  • [KLAROS-2848] - Error importing an already existing issue management system during xml import
  • [KLAROS-2845] - Missing session upon bean refresh
  • [KLAROS-2846] - Unable to save a test case when an unsaved test case step has been deleted before saving

Version 4.4 - 2016-02-12

New Features:

  • [KLAROS-2790] - Implement a RESTful API to retrieve data from Klaros
  • [KLAROS-2762] - Synchronisation of attachments from remote requirements management systems
  • [KLAROS-2705] - Support the category based filtering on more pages
  • [KLAROS-2700] - Enable the input of references to custom properties of text fields of selected test artifacts (e.g. %testrun.customPropertyName%) which will be resolved to the respective value when viewing them during a test run
  • [KLAROS-2694] - Synchronize requirements from external systems, e.g. Jira
  • [KLAROS-2688] - Add support for the GitHub issue tracker
  • [KLAROS-1326] - Provide support for specifying test result types in the Jenkins plugin
  • [KLAROS-2410] - Add the possibility to create review jobs for test cases from within the test case details page


  • [KLAROS-2794] - Random errors in database search indices no longer lead to application lockup since indices are now automatically rebuild
  • [KLAROS-2771] - Support changing the status of redmine issues
  • [KLAROS-2769] - Add support for the GoogleTest result file format
  • [KLAROS-2768] - Add support for the gtester result file format
  • [KLAROS-2767] - Add support for the JsUnit result file format
  • [KLAROS-2766] - Add support for the TESSY result file format
  • [KLAROS-2765] - Add support for the JBehave result file format
  • [KLAROS-2764] - Add support for the embUnit result file format
  • [KLAROS-2754] - After successfully validating a connection to an IMS or RMS, allow to save the used credentials for background authentication
  • [KLAROS-2720] - Support detecting issue resolve states in the report model API
  • [KLAROS-2719] - Check for matching content in the target url when checking external system urls
  • [KLAROS-2715] - Provide a remote issue url through the model API
  • [KLAROS-2713] - Extend the model API to deliver browse URLs to remote issue management systems
  • [KLAROS-2466] - Calculate the estimated time left automatically when logging work
  • [KLAROS-2425] - Support build environment and build parameter variables as parameters in the Jenkins Plugin
  • [KLAROS-2163] - Rename the "Area" field in test case definitions to "Test Type" to comply with ISTQB
  • [KLAROS-2792] - Lift the artificial file size limit when interactively uploading automated test result files

Fixed Bugs:

  • [KLAROS-2813] - Start background issue synchronization only after a successful migration
  • [KLAROS-2788] - Error during saving of categories
  • [KLAROS-2801] - Broken error handling for users attempting to edit their own account in special cases
  • [KLAROS-2802] - Some dated test case step results and testsuite results don't have any verdict set
  • [KLAROS-2803] - When adding an issue during manual test execution, provide a back button
  • [KLAROS-2817] - Test case steps without associated test cases are present in the database
  • [KLAROS-2825] - Unable to delete test cases containing only deleted test results