Upgrade to new version of klaros

Brenda Cooney, modified 10 Years ago.

Upgrade to new version of klaros

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Hi -

Is there any documentation on upgrading to new version of klaros?

Currently have klaros 2.4.4

Torsten Stolpmann, modified 10 Years ago.

RE: Upgrade to new version of klaros (Answer)

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Hi Brenda,

for upgrading please proceed as following:

- Shutdown the Klaros installation (to prevent interruptions from users)
- Do a backup of the database and the .klaros directory in the user account home of the user klaros is running in
- use the installer to update the installation
- If needed you have to migrate the database by logging in with administrator priviledges before others may use the installation again, so always try to log in after an upgrade