Klaros-Testmanagement version 1.4.0 released

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Klaros-Testmanagement version 1.4.0 released

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The Klaros-Testmanagement development team is pleased to announce the release of Klaros-Testmanagement version 1.4.0!

Changes in this version include:

Changes in this version include:

New features:

o Add support for HSQLDB and Derby Issue: KLAROS-119.
o Implement a servlet to import XML files send via HTTP Issue: KLAROS-118.
o Implement a context sensitive help system Issue: KLAROS-117.
o Build the documentation as HTML as well as PDF and add it to the distribution. Issue: KLAROS-112.
o Implement a bootstrap mechanism Issue: KLAROS-71.

Fixed Bugs:

o Klaros does not report that it will not function with deactivated JavaScript Issue: KLAROS-121.
o One of the Phaselistener manipulates the response so the generation of the reports fails Issue: KLAROS-116.
o Remove the border of all tabs Issue: KLAROS-110.
o Sometimes the include doesn't work correct and shows more than one included page Issue: KLAROS-109.
o No SUT can be edited Issue: KLAROS-100.
o Standardize the labels for Test Series Issue: KLAROS-97.
o Wrong INFO Message after cancel a test execution Issue: KLAROS-95.


o Reference Documentation needs to be created Issue: KLAROS-73.

About verit Informationssysteme GmbH:

verit Informationssysteme GmbH is an independent software vendor
focusing on tools for software quality management and software test
automation, located in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

More details may be found at http://www.klaros-testmanagement.com/.

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