How to pause a TRU?

Angel Guillermo Hidalgo, modified 10 Years ago.

How to pause a TRU?

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Please, help me to know how to pause a TestRun, when it was already started?

The scenary is the following:

A tester starts to execute a JOB.
The JOB has one TC, which has 20 TestSteps to test.
I execute 10 steps.
I need to stop to test the TC.
I need to Log out from Klaros
After some hours I have to continue testing and open the same TRU and complete the steps. The idea is to continue from 11 to 20 step.

What is de best procedure to do that, which you recommend to me?

I guess, we need a button with pause option and save current resuls, or things like that

Thanks in advance

Angel Hidalgo
Patrick Reilly, modified 10 Years ago.

RE: How to pause a TRU?

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Hi Angel,

As of version 4.0, test runs are saved after each action in the manual test runner, i.e. setting a step verdict or commenting on a step or the test case result cause all changes to be saved to the database. This means that the manual test runner window may simply be closed at any time (as long as no popups are open) without losing any data.

The test run may then be continued from the "Continue Test Run" page at any time.