admin password not changeable

Thomas Klinger, modified 10 Years ago.

admin password not changeable

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I tried to change the default passwords of those example users coming with Klaros, no success. Regardless if I choose to change the password of admin, manager, tester, etc., I have no success by changing it.

In the users tab I see always a triangle warning sign, saying that the password is still set to default. When trying to change i.e. the password for admin, everything seems to be pretty fine, no error message shown. From the user perspective the password change looks well. But when changing back to the users tab, the triangle warning sign is still there. I logged out and tried to login with admin/<new_password>, it did not work. I still had to use the old default password.

Any ideas what it could be?

Regards, Thomas
Torsten Stolpmann, modified 10 Years ago.

RE: admin password not changeable (Answer)

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Hi Thomas,

this is a known bug which is already fixed towards version 4.1. You can expect a release later this week.