Klaros-Testmanagement 4.5.5 released

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Klaros-Testmanagement 4.5.5 released

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We are pleased to announce the release of Klaros-Testmanagement version 4.5.5.

This is a minor release that fixes a regression bug introduced with version 4.5.4 that prevents updating jobs. The 4.5.x release includes 5 new features as well as 74 bugfixes and improvements over 4.4.x.

Some of the highlights are:

Dependency Criteria for Jobs

It is now possible to define dependencies between jobs in Klaros-Testmanagement, allowing to specify under which conditions a test is allowed to be executed.

Restricted Job Status Manipulation

A new option restricts the ability to change the status of a job to managers (and administrators) only.

Reference Test Data in Binary Attachments

Another major feature is the support for specifying test data outside of a test specification which is resolved at runtime for custom parameters and attached Excel sheets.

More E-Mail Notifications

E-Mail notifications can now be sent if a test execution fails or if a job dependency has been resolved.

Assign Jobs to Iterations

Jobs can now be assigned to iterations.

Release Notes:

Version 4.5.5 - 2016-09-09

Bug Fixes:

  • [KLAROS-3053] - Impossible to change most of the attributes of a job after its initial creation

Version 4.5.4 - 2016-09-02


  • [KLAROS-2973] - On all tables, newly created elements should be put onto the top of the table
  • [KLAROS-2985] - Managers should be able to see deactivated users (if they are allowed to create users)
  • [KLAROS-3037] - When setting up a new connection to an external system, automatically apply the entered authentication information for use with the connectivity test
  • [KLAROS-3039] - Improve the overall performance on the project list page when a large number of projects is present
  • [KLAROS-3047] - Speed up the loading of job tables

Bug Fixes:
  • [KLAROS-3016] - Large change history entries without whitespaces are not properly hyphenated
  • [KLAROS-3021] - If a test case step contains a reference to an attachment and that reference contains one the special characters '\' or '$', an exception is thrown upon execution
  • [KLAROS-3022] - Unable to test the connection to a linked trac server
  • [KLAROS-3024] - Memory leak on long-running installations having a requirements management system linked to a project
  • [KLAROS-3025] - Rare Nullpointerexception upon loading the list of test cases
  • [KLAROS-3030] - The number of results on the execute test suite page is not executed after executing a test suite
  • [KLAROS-3040] - Exception when bulk changing the 'Estimated Time' field of multiple jobs at once
  • [KLAROS-3048] - Layout error in the health matrix configuration dialog when using Chrome

Version 4.5.3 - 2016-07-22

New Features:

  • [KLAROS-2993] - Allow referencing test case attachments in test case steps
  • [KLAROS-2994] - Allow inline-rendering of images in test case steps during test execution


  • [KLAROS-2995] - Pressing a hyperlink in running text should open the target in a new browser window
  • [KLAROS-3007] - Add the expected result in the step result list (like the step action)
  • [KLAROS-3012] - Required input fields in the issue management settings page should be marked a such

Fixed Bugs:

  • [KLAROS-2999] - Unable to re-execute a test when all previous test results are of state 'skipped'
  • [KLAROS-3008] - Double clicking the upload button in the upload file dialog prevents the dialog from being closed using the cancel button
  • [KLAROS-3010] - Possible connection leaks for background synchronizing of JIRA issues for invalid JIRA instance URLs
  • [KLAROS-3011] - Connect to a new map tile provider for the location map on the test case step results page

Version 4.5.2 - 2016-07-06


  • [KLAROS-2989] - Extend the user printpage for the access rights
  • [KLAROS-2979] - Optionally show test case details (steps, precondition, etc) on the test suite print page
  • [KLAROS-2510] - The detail page result pages should support a bulk print page

Fixed Bugs:

  • [KLAROS-2981] - Implement a migrator to merge test case step shadows with the same search hash
  • [KLAROS-2974] - Adding project roles on a user details page while editing other properties of the user causes a MethodNotFoundException
  • [KLAROS-2975] - If a user defined enum field has n entries and a default value set at position n, the entries between n and m can't be selected
  • [KLAROS-2987] -Wrong number of requirements on the iteration detail page after switching the connected RMS

Version 4.5.1 - 2016-06-13


  • [KLAROS-2955] - Update the packaged Tomcat Server to version 8.0.35
  • [KLAROS-2950] - Mark mandatory custom fields when editing issues
  • [KLAROS-2949] - Add the Job ID to the list of jobs when selecting the dependencies of a job

Fixed Bugs:

  • [KLAROS-2969] - During execution, the runner erroneously displays the test case step fields of unrelated test case steps
  • [KLAROS-2968] - When copying multiple objects between projects using single select, their order is not kept in the target project
  • [KLAROS-2965] - If a manager tries to create a new user, the username, email and password fields are disabled
  • [KLAROS-2964] - In the execute test case popup, umlauts in the expected result field are not properly rendered
  • [KLAROS-2960] - NullPointerException when trying to access the list of subjobs in special cases
  • [KLAROS-2958] - Bulk deleting a job with a job dependency causes an exception
  • [KLAROS-2956] - Misplaced icon on the jobs by user page
  • [KLAROS-2953] - Deleting a Job dependency should remove it from the required job, not just from the dependent job
  • [KLAROS-2952] - Deleting a Job should also delete its dependencies to other Jobs
  • [KLAROS-2951] - Deleting project roles on a user details page while editing other properties of the user causes a MethodNotFoundException
  • [KLAROS-2948] - Missing labels on project details print page
  • [KLAROS-2947] - Default preselected custom list value where no default value has been defined when creating issues for a Redmine 3.x installation
  • [KLAROS-2946] - Unable to import projects from backup files in some cases
  • [KLAROS-2945] - Unable to switch between pages of the testcase issues table
  • [KLAROS-2944] - Unable to start a migration using LDAP credentials if "Disable Password Synchronization" is enabled in the LDAP options
  • [KLAROS-2943] - The documentation has some misleading examples on how to reference cells in xls and csv attachments
  • [KLAROS-2942] - Unable to start on on-demand instances
  • [KLAROS-2941] - Unable to connect to an external RMS or IMS on some systems
  • [KLAROS-2938] - Exception when switching iterations while on a the details page of a sub job
  • [KLAROS-2937] - Object ids are wrapped on several pages in the Chrome browser
  • [KLAROS-2936] - On the Job dependencies tab, the rows of the list of dependent jobs look crimped together
  • [KLAROS-2926] - The tooltip for the execute test case button on the Run Testcase page always shows "Execute this testcase"

Version 4.5.0 - 2016-05-03

New Features:

  • [KLAROS-2868] - Allow to limit job status manipulation to users in role manager
  • [KLAROS-2867] - Support E-Mail notifications for failed test executions and resolved job dependencies
  • [KLAROS-2866] - Allow to reference test data in binary attachments
  • [KLAROS-2865] - Add dependency criteria for jobs
  • [KLAROS-2527] - Allow the assignment of jobs to individual iterations

Fixed Bugs:

  • [KLAROS-2932] - Previously linked issue management systems are not properly assigned to projects when importing backups
  • [KLAROS-2930] - An active iteration may prevent immediate list updates in list pages
  • [KLAROS-2929] - It is possible to assign multiple project roles to the same user account
  • [KLAROS-2923] - Rare exception while generating the test case health matrix report
  • [KLAROS-2918] - Exception when accessing attributes containing very long text on Oracle databases
  • [KLAROS-2917] - Oracle databases may throw an ORA-0100: Maximum open cursors exceeded upon initial creation of tables
  • [KLAROS-2914] - The list of test cases on the "Jobs from Test Cases" page is not refreshed after creating a new test case
  • [KLAROS-2912] - Unable to execute the project overview report on a MySQL 5.6 database
  • [KLAROS-2910] - Changing project settings may disable assigned requirements
  • [KLAROS-2906] - Layout error for bulk icons on the requirement details page
  • [KLAROS-2905] - Unable to handle invalid issue tracker URLs during rendering of the integration page
  • [KLAROS-2904] - IndexOutOfBoundException when not one accessible project is found upon log on
  • [KLAROS-2903] - The filter function doesn't work in some cases
  • [KLAROS-2902] - Unable to delete job comments and work entries
  • [KLAROS-2901] - Selection of jobs is reset when editing sub jobs


  • [KLAROS-2933] - Add the Klaros-Testmanagement version number to the XML backup files
  • [KLAROS-2931] - Refresh lists as soon as a user presses the browser refresh button
  • [KLAROS-2925] - Revert the order of elements in the list of IMS and RMS systems to match the ordering of all other lists in Klaros
  • [KLAROS-2921] - Increase precision of success and progress sliders
  • [KLAROS-2920] - Do not show parent task jobs on the execute page
  • [KLAROS-2915] - Only show the assign to categories button when a menu or tree category view is present
  • [KLAROS-2913] - Enable filtering of jobs for the current iteration
  • [KLAROS-2909] - Allow to suppress the automated user creation process when using LDAP
  • [KLAROS-2908] - Allow to clear caches from the system overview page
  • [KLAROS-2881] - Allow to filter issue types when synchronizing external requirements