9.4. Test Runs

9.4.1. The Test Run Report

The Test Runs screen allows the user to generate reports for executed test runs ( Figure 9.15).

The Test Runs Screen

Figure 9.15. The Test Runs Screen

This page lists all test runs that have been executed in the selected project. To get a better overview of the test runs, the sorting and filtering functionality of the Filter / Sort panel can be used, as described in Section 5.2.6, “Filtering and Sorting”.

Pressing the delete icon removes the test run.

[Note] Note

Deleting a test run will delete corresponding test case results and test suite results.

Clicking the icon displays the details of the test run.

The Test Run Details Screen

Figure 9.16. The Test Run Details Screen

9.4.1. The Test Run Report

This type of report is generated in PDF format and its layout is shown in Figure 9.17. It details the date of execution of a test run and its result, specifying the test cases executed and whether they were successful, failed or ended in error. Additionally a pie chart summarizes the result is shown.

The Single Test Run Report

Figure 9.17. The Single Test Run Report

The Single Test Run Report (continued)

Figure 9.18. The Single Test Run Report (continued)