6.8. Test Suites

6.8.1. Bulk Actions
6.8.2. Create Test Suites
6.8.3. Test Suite Details

A test suite is a set of test cases which can be executed sequentially. The results of the test suite execution are grouped together in Klaros-Test­management and can be used to verify and ensure that a system meets its design specifications and requirements.

Test suites may be created, removed, duplicated, updated and assigned to categories on this page. The displayed test suites may be filtered and sorted as described in Section 5.2.6, “Filtering and Sorting” ( Figure 6.43).

The Test Suites Screen

Figure 6.43. The Test Suites Screen

The Test Suites screen shows all of the test suites in the current project. Direct editing of the displayed attributes is possible here.

The leftmost column allows test suites to be selected for bulk actions. The uppermost checkbox is a global select button, which selects or deselects all elements shown in the table. Please note that the displayed elements are subject to the current search and catagorization criteria.

Test Suites may be viewed on a printer-friendly page as described in Section 5.2.7, “Print Pages” as well as categorized as described in Section 5.2.8, “Categorization”.

6.8.1. Bulk Actions

Some bulk actions are available on the Test Suites page. Bulk actions are described in Section 5.2.11, “Bulk Actions”.

The bulk actions available on this page are: Edit, Print, Delete, Duplicate selected Items, Create new Revisions, Add Test Cases and Assign to Category. The bulk action buttons can be found above the table on the left.

6.8.2. Create Test Suites

New test suites can be created by clicking the New button ( Figure 6.43). The test suite ID is automatically assigned and the Description and System under Test may be specified by the user. The test suite is created in the currently selected project. Clicking the Edit icon opens the Test Suite Details section ( Section 6.8.3, “Test Suite Details”). Clicking the duplicates a test suite.

6.8.3. Test Suite Details

Clicking the Edit icon opens the Test Suite Details page and allows editing of the test suite's description and its system under test and of the list of the test cases in this test suite, also changing their order ( Figure 6.44).

[Note] The assigned System under Test of a Test Suite

The assignment of a test suite with a system under test does not affect the functionality of Klaros-Test­management. The test suites can be still run with other systems under test. This attribute is just a guideline for the user.

Clicking the icon adds the test case to the test suite, clicking the icon removes the test case from the test suite and clicking the opens a dialog which allows the user to change the order of the test cases.

The icon allows to quickly find and remove all duplicate test case entries in the test suite. After invocation it displays a dialog listing all duplicates found. If the dialog is confirmed all duplicates are removed from the test suite and the test suite is saved.

[Note] How to create a new revision of a test suite?

Clicking the New Revision button creates a new revision of the test suite. This button is disabled if there are any unsaved changes to the test suite.

The Test Suite Details Screen

Figure 6.44. The Test Suite Details Screen

[Note] Warning sign in the ID column

A manual test case which contains no steps is not executable. To indicate this, a warning sign ( ) is displayed in the ID column. Test Suite Overview

The Test Suite Overview Tab

Figure 6.45. The Test Suite Overview Tab

  • Latest Test Runs

    This graph shows the number of passed, failed, erroneous and skipped test cases for the latest five test runs for this test suite.

  • Execution Times of this Test Suite

    This graph shows the minimum, maximum and average execution times for this test suite.

    [Tip] Tip

    This can be very useful in determining the estimated time needed for future executions of this test suite.

  • System under Test Overview

    This table shows the latest result of this test suite for every system under test and test environment this test suite has been executed in. Hovering the mouse cursor over a single result will sho a more detailed overview of the individual test case results of this test suite. Pressing the result will open up the appertaining test case result. Test Suite Properties User Defined Properties

User defined properties can be used to customize test suites within Klaros-Test­management by adding custom fields. This process is described in Section 5.2.13, “User Defined Properties”. Attachments

Attachments may be added to test suites. This process is described in Section 5.2.12, “Attachments”. Revisions

Test suites are revisionable. The process of revisioning an object is described in Section 5.2.16, “Revisions”. Jobs
The Test Suite Jobs Screen

Figure 6.46. The Test Suite Jobs Screen

This tab lists all jobs in which this testsuite is included. These jobs can be directly executed from within this tab. See Section 7.1, “Maintain Jobs” for more information on how to manage jobs. Results

The result tab is further divided into a Test Runs and Test Suite Results tab showing the test results related to this test suite as described in Section 5.2.17, “Related Test Runs and Results”. Bookmarking Test Suites

Test suites may be linked to from outside of Klaros-Test­management using the link on the bookmark icon. Right-click the icon and choose Copy Link Location (Firefox/Chrome) or the equivalent option.