Chapter 1.  Introduction

Table of Contents

1.1. Navigation

Klaros-Test­management is an easy to use web based application which helps to organize test projects. It manages test cases, test suites, information about systems under test and test environments in which tests have been run. When a test case or test suite has been executed, its result, including the information about the system under test and its test environment, is stored in a database. This enables full traceability of all test runs. Multiple reports enable a detailed overview of the progress of the project at any time.

1.1.  Navigation

Throughout this tutorial you will find instructions for navigating through Klaros-Test­management. Figure 1.1 shows a typical page with the navigation areas numbered.

Navigation in Klaros-Test­management

Figure 1.1.  Navigation in Klaros-Test­management

The User Interface of Klaros-Test­management

  1. The topbar. This can be used to navigate between the main sections of Klaros-Test­management.

  2. The sidebar contains the menu entries. If you select a specific section via the topbar, the menu entries for this section are displayed in the sidebar.

  3. The log panel displays various information, warnings and error messages.

  4. Most tables within Klaros-Test­management have an action column like this one. The icons in this column execute actions for the object in the row, e.g. in this case, pressing the icon of the project P00020 will open the details page of the Ordering Process project.

  5. Many pages in Klaros-Test­management have buttons like this to perform actions like creating new objects, or saving or discarding changes. These buttons are located at the bottom of the screen to the left or right hand side.