Quick Start - How to write a Test Case?

Table of Contents

1. How to write a test case?
2. Create a Project
3. Create a Test Environment
4. Create a System under Test
5. Define the Test Case
6. Create Test Steps
7. Execute Test Case
8. Show Test Result

1.  How to write a test case?

In this step-by-step guide we show you how to write a test case, assign test steps to it, execute the test case and view the evaluation.

Four objects must be created to execute a manual test case:

  1. The project in which all other objects are saved.

  2. One or more test environments in which the test case is to be executed, such as operating systems or browser variants.

  3. The test system, (also test object, system under test, test object)

  4. The test case itself with its process description, which is divided into individual test steps.

Create Project -> Create Test Environment -> Define System under Test -> Define Test Case -> Add Test Steps -> Execute Test Case -> View Result Report