Klaros-Testmanagement 5.2.0 released

Klaros Testmanagement Screenshots

Klaros-Testmanagement 5.2.0 has just been released.


What's new?


New verdict 'inconclusive'
In addition to the existing verdicts (passed, failed, error, skipped), a new verdict 'inconclusive' has been introduced, which should be used if a test result cannot be clearly identified as passed or failed.


User defined attributes for test case results
Test case results can now have user defined attributes. These can be set during test case execution or afterwards on the test case result details page.


Permanent removal of report templates
A new purge function allows to permenently remove deleted report templates from the data storage.


Easier upload of attachments
Uploading attachments is easier than ever. Only three clicks are necessary to upload an attachment file to Klaros-Testmanagement. Aditionally, Chrome based browsers accept uploading of attachments directly from the clipboard using Ctrl-V.


Faster dashboard reports
The reports on the dashboard significantly load faster, especially for large numbers of results.


Categorization of test segments
Test Segments can now be organized in multiple categories, just like test cases, test suites and other objects in Klaros-Testmanagement.


Overall 11 new features and improvements and 10 bug fixes are included in this release.


The complete release notes can be found here: Release Notes




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