Dependency between Testcases

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Dependency between Testcases

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Hi all,
When trying out Claros I still got a question: Can I add dependencies between test cases only in the text box "dependencies"? Is that enough? I have entered the ID TC0002. When running the test case, the registration function did not affect the running of the test case. I have to at least be advised of dependencies. If there is no such possibility at Claros?
Thank you for info and help.
Regards, Markus
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RE: Dependency between Testcases

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Hi Markus,

the text box is the right location too add this dependency, yet it is a free-form text field with no semantics attached.

The tester is shown this field when a test case execution is started and has to act accordingly (e.g. "DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RUN THIS IF TC0006 HAS NOT SUCCEEDED").

Making this a formal dependency is currently out of reach of the application as the needed semantics may get out of hand quite quickly.

As a solution I would suggest placing dependent tests in test suites to be executed in sequence and add instructions as shown below.

Or am I missing something in your requirements?