Custom values

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Custom values

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Hi again,

On test cases you offer the field 'Execution' with value options of 'Manual' or 'Auto'. I'm working in an implementation with more than one automation type. Is it possible to define custom values for this field? I checked through the mysql tables and noted that k_test_case has 'TEST_METHOD' AND 'VARIETY' fields, but couldn't correlate the values to any other tables.

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RE: Custom values

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Hi again Dutch,

all selectable standard test case attributes values are fixed and can not be configured. This is by design and allows use to add semantics to them where it is reasonable.

The Enterprise Edition allows you to define your own custom fields (including enumerations) which would probably the best solution for your use case.

VARIETY basically defines whether you expect the SUT to succeed (positive) or fail (negative) for your test to pass.
TEST_METHOD is what you see as Design Technique in the UI (Black-Box or White-Box). The internal name is there for backwards compatibility.

If you really need to stick to the Community Edition probably 'Note' would be usable for your use case, yet you would suffer from the fact that it is a free-form text field.

Hope this helps,