Prerequisite - Operating system

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Prerequisite - Operating system

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I'm following your guide, section Linux, Operating system.
I'm seeing "..... Linux IA32 (Intel 32 bit architecture) or IA64 (Intel 64 bit architecture) distribution .... ".
Do you mean this particulary IA64 or X86_64 architecture?
We have CentOS 6.2 on X86_64.
Is It fine?
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RE: Prerequisite - Operating system

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Hi Gianmaria,

I think this should read Intel 64/X86_64 here instead of IA64. Thanks for the hint, we will correct this.

You are fine with your CentOS distribution (Were using CentOS as well) as well as any other Linux distribution where Java is supported.

Please make sure to use a recent Oracle/Sun VM, we have seen occasional problems with alternative implementations in the past.

Java 6 is supported, although Java 7 *should* work too.

Hope this helps,