Enabling SSL on Klaros

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Enabling SSL on Klaros

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I have built a Kloros Docker container with MySQL and I am hosting it currently in the cloud on Vultr. I configured a Domain Name, so that I don't have to use the IP address, as well as for security reasons.

Now, my next big thing is how to enable or configure SSL on Klaros so that any informatio nentered is encrypted. I had a google and there appears to be load of ways to do it, and the User Manual says to go to Stackoverflow, but It didn't really answer my question.

When I did docker-compose up I could see that it had certificates for SSL, but it skipped them, as it said it found them, but even then no information really provides any clarity.

Does Klaros support SSL?
If so, what is the port number?
How do I import or configure certificates? (a quick step by step would be hugely beneficial)
Any other information you need or that you can provide me with to get this working?

Many Thanks
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RE: Enabling SSL on Klaros

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Hi Gunnar,

if you like to add SSL-Support for the Klaros container, the recommended approach to add a dedicated container acting as a reverse proxy for this purpose.

We consider this functionality out of scope of the application/container as there are already a lot of proven and flexible solutions available for this task.

One example is https://hub.docker.com/r/jwilder/nginx-proxy which also is able to automatically retrieve Lets-Encrypt certificates for you if configured right.

Of course, we are happy to receive feedback from people having successfully integrated a reverse proxy and will gladly add this information to the documentation. Feel free to raise a pull request on https://github.com/klaros-testmanagement/klaros-docker for this.

Hope this helps,