Klaros-Testmanagement 5.1.0 released

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Klaros-Testmanagement 5.1.0 released

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We are happy to announce the availability of Klaros-Testmanagement 5.1.0. New features include:

German documentation
The new version fulfills a frequently requested wish on the part of our users: The documentation is now also completely available in German, just like the user interface, and can be called up context-sensitively directly from the application.

The English version was completely revised at the same time. Both manuals are available as HTML and PDF versions and can be downloaded from the website.

Restore function for administrators
Administrators can now restore or permanently purge objects deleted by users (EE).

Simplified report creation
Creating custom reports (EE) according to individual requirements is now much easier thanks to new, more convenient code editors based on Visual Studio Code (Monaco).

More functionality for test steps and test step results
Test steps, which contain the sequence description of the test as well as the results of the individual test steps, can now also be extended by user-defined attributes and provided with their own attachments (EE). Previously, this was only possible for test cases.

More convenience when working
If several test cases share the same sequence of steps, they can be swapped out into a test segment with one action. Test steps can also be easily transferred to other test cases.

Updated user interface
The user interface has been updated based on PrimeFaces 10.

Other new features include:

- More multiple operations for test steps and pending test runs (EE).
- Simultaneous upload of multiple attachments to an object (CE/EE)
- Additional filter options for test runs (CE/EE)
- The last modification date for project content is now visible in the project list (CE/EE)
- Performance improvements when building pages, exporting projects and deleting test runs (CE/EE)

Release Notes

Version 5.1.0 (18.06.2021)

New Features

[KLAROS-377] - Allow attachments on test case steps
[KLAROS-3092] - Add the ability to copy test case steps from one test case to another
[KLAROS-3941] - User defined fields for test steps
[KLAROS-4523] - Allow attachments on test step results
[KLAROS-4528] - Add documentation in German language
[KLAROS-4553] - Allow the creation of test segments from test case steps
[KLAROS-4685] - Add a 'last access' field to a project
[KLAROS-4716] - Improve the code editing features for custom report scripts and templates
[KLAROS-4735] - Add the option to delete, restore and purge objects
[KLAROS-4739] - Implement bulk delete for pending test runs


[KLAROS-3846] - Support bulk deletion of test case steps and test segment steps
[KLAROS-4012] - Improve performance for deleting large test runs
[KLAROS-4117] - Changes to test segment user defined fields should be transferred to test segments embedded in test cases
[KLAROS-4267] - Support multi-line text input for user defined text field default values
[KLAROS-4405] - When editing test step results on the test result details page, the result should not be saved immediately
[KLAROS-4407] - Give visual feedback on the toggle view mode button
[KLAROS-4411] - Skip shortcut panel during installation under MacOS
[KLAROS-4425] - Add documentation for the different execution icons
[KLAROS-4451] - Implement paging for the steps list on the test case and test segment pages
[KLAROS-4462] - Improve the UX when reordering reports or changing the number of columns on the reports dashboard
[KLAROS-4522] - Use an icon instead of the 'Add attachment' button on the test case details step list
[KLAROS-4561] - Automatically determine the required database dialect to use
[KLAROS-4620] - Improve Date Picker/Calendar implementation
[KLAROS-4647] - Allow uploading multiple attachments at once
[KLAROS-4648] - Speed up page loading via a combined resource handler
[KLAROS-4659] - Move the test case result attachments to a separate tab
[KLAROS-4660] - Implement bulk select for test steps
[KLAROS-4681] - Lower memory usage when backing up projects
[KLAROS-4692] - Show the number of assigned project roles in the user details page tab header
[KLAROS-4701] - Do not break lines in test run ids in the PDF export for the test runs table
[KLAROS-4706] - Allow bulk editing objects when the filter and sort panel is open
[KLAROS-4717] - Allow the removal of single test runs from an iteration
[KLAROS-4726] - Show changes on user defined properties in the history tab
[KLAROS-4728] - Consistent use of toggle switch elements for optional control elements
[KLAROS-4734] - Improve the test run report layout
[KLAROS-4737] - Support bulk editing and filtering revision comments for revisionable objects
[KLAROS-4740] - Allow to filter test runs by iteration and job
[KLAROS-4743] - Support 'contains' filter mode when filtering for objects on list pages
[KLAROS-4748] - Show an icon to indicate if a page is being accessed anonymously
[KLAROS-4751] - Allow admins to delete and restore report templates

Fixed Bugs

[KLAROS-3126] - Switching Jira project information breaks running Jira clients
[KLAROS-3694] - When moving one of multiple instances of the same test segment within a test case, the values ??in the userdefined fields of the test segments are replicated
[KLAROS-3698] - Due date for a review job can be set before the start date
[KLAROS-3999] - Toggling view mode is inconsistent if both test steps and test segments are displayed
[KLAROS-4359] - When editing test segment instance steps, the focus of all steps of this instance is changed accordingly
[KLAROS-4360] - The filename of the downloaded log files in the problem view is not used when saving via Firefox
[KLAROS-4370] - Exception during test execution if two test steps have the same hash value
[KLAROS-4378] - After adding the first report to the default dashboard it is placed in the wrong column
[KLAROS-4399] - Test case status is not displayed in the test run report
[KLAROS-4429] - Sporadic misleading error message regarding database configuration after server restart
[KLAROS-4527] - If a test segment is included multiple times in a test case, editing a test segment step will edit the same step in each other included segment
[KLAROS-4727] - The filter and sort panel on the test suite properties page contains no filter entries
[KLAROS-4742] - Requirements cannot be synchronized via REST/xml
[KLAROS-4747] - Opening a bookmark using anonymous access should not allow navigation to other objects using hyperlinks