Linking of ticket to test case

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Linking of ticket to test case

Youngling Beiträge: 7 Beitrittsdatum: 21.12.18 Neueste Beiträge

I am testing the linking of redmine tickets to a test case and I noticed the option 'Add Link Comment'. Does this option add a Comment (test case link) to Redmine > Comments section? If it does, I don't see additional comment to the Redmine ticket.

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RE: Linking of ticket to test case (Antwort)

Jedi Council Member Beiträge: 756 Beitrittsdatum: 12.02.09 Neueste Beiträge
Hi Bev,

you are correct, link comments are currently not working as intended while linking issues. They only do work when creating new issues.

This is a regression, I opened issue KLAROS-4064 to track this.

Thanks for letting us know!