How to automate the test running process using TestComplete?

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How to automate the test running process using TestComplete?

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We are trying to integrate tests in our daily builds using TestComplete, so far we have a machine dedicated for testing and our build script copies to this machine everything TestComplete needs for its tests (Application, Database, Test script project and source files, etc).Basically we can open theTestComplete project manually and run the tests.Now we want to automate that process, so how do you do it? Or how do you think would be the simplest and best way to make this automation?Keeping it short, we want to automate the process of opening TestComplete after each build, run all the tests and send an email with the test results.
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RE: How to automate the test running process using TestComplete? (Antwort)

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Hi Soujanya,

thank you for your post and your interest in integrating Klaros-Testmanagement with TestComplete.

To accomplish this, you may write a simple script which launches TestComplete from the command line and deliver the test result file via upload to the REST interface of Klaros-Testmanagement using a command line tool like curl. This is explained in depth in the Klaros documentation here: and is a simple yet very effective solution.

For a more sophisticated solution, you may use a continuous integration server like Jenkins which may also be used to retrieve your test automation scripts from an SCM System, launch TestComplete via a Jenkins plugin and use the Klaros-Testmanagement Jenkins Plugin to upload the results for you. This would also include other features like email notification.

I hope that gave you some ideas on using Klaros-Testmangement with TestComplete. Please follow up if you have additional questions.