Klaros-Testmanagement 4.3.11 released

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Klaros-Testmanagement 4.3.11 released

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We are pleased to announce the release of Klaros-Testmanagement version 4.3.11.

Version 4.3.11 is a maintenance release that fixes a bug preventing the execution of manual test suites and contains various minor improvements.

The 4.3.x release of Klaros-Testmanagement includes more than 15 new features and over 115 improvements and bug fixes over 4.2.x. Some of the changes are:

  • Renaming of uploaded attachments is now possible.

TestComplete 9+ is now part of our ever growing list of importable test result file formats.

  • During test execution it is now possible to create review jobs and to assign them to the creator of the executed test artifact.

  • In order to prevent concurrent editing of test results, a warning message is now displayed whenever a user tries to continue a test run that is currently being executed by another user.

  • Administrators can now restore configured issue management systems which have previously been deleted.

  • If a test case gets automatically skipped during test execution because it is set to "Skip", an explanation is noted in the pertaining test result.

  • The number of test case results, test suite results and test runs are now shown in the results tab of each object.

  • Detailed descriptions of the test environment and system under test are shown upon test execution launch.

  • When reopening a job, the progress rate and success rate of this job and its sub jobs are reset to 0%.

  • Oracle 12 is now in our list of supported database systems.

  • Upon test execution launch you can now look at attachments that are attached to test cases, test suites, test environments and systems under test.

  • The new overview pages show pre-configured reports and statistics in order to see the current test progress at a glance.

  • We've added a new job type "Review", which allows you to schedule reviews of test cases or test suites and specify arbitrary tasks in a textual form.

  • The new "guest" role adds an additional layer of security to your test data. Guests can only have a look at test definitions and results, but are not allowed to edit them in any way.

  • Our improved issue integration eases the linking of issues to your favorite issue management system. Once issues are linked to Klaros-Testmanagement, a background synchronization service keeps track of any changes and transfers them to Klaros-Testmanagement.

  • In addition to the above, you can now add detailed information about issues to your custom reports.
    Klaros-Testmanagement now officially supports Bugzilla 4.5 and Redmine 3.0!
    CUnit, xUnit.net and ctest (CMake) result files have been added to our growing list of supported test result formats

  • Jobs can now also be enriched with attachments and custom fields. Also, the management of comments and the work log has been streamlined.

  • Klaros-Testmanagement now supports the synchronization of requirements from external systems, so there is no need to manually adapt them anymore.

  • In addition to the existing E-Mail notifications you can now configure the notification schemes and define what event causes them to be sent out.

  • An updated version of the Jenkins-plugin is now available.

  • User defined fields now support multi-line text areas.

  • Test cases and test suites now link to all executed jobs which covered them.

  • The distributed Tomcat application server has been updated to version 8.0 to benefit from the latest improvements.

Release Notes:

Version 4.3.11 - 2015-12-16

[KLAROS-1516] - Support the renaming of uploaded attachments
[KLAROS-2783] - Non-Manager users should only see their own mobile device connection log
[KLAROS-2491] - "Jobs by Test Cases" -> The Job should not take over the description of the selected Test Case
[KLAROS-2784] - Add the test case state information to the information shown when bulk adding test cases to test suites

Fixed Bugs:
[KLAROS-2782] - Unable to manually execute test suites

Version 4.3.10 - 2015-12-10

Fixed Bugs:
[KLAROS-2780] - Unable to assign users to a project

Version 4.3.9 - 2015-12-08

[KLAROS-2772] - Start the full text search search immediately when using the enter key in the search field
[KLAROS-2760] - Add a view icon to the list of test runs on the Continue Test Run page to allow easy navigation to the test run overview
[KLAROS-2756] - Support adding the job description when creating a review job during test execution
[KLAROS-2755] - Add support for TestComplete 9+ result format
[KLAROS-2752] - Document the support for TestNG
[KLAROS-2663] - Add support for adding attachments during test result import

Fixed Bugs:
[KLAROS-2776] - The latest test runs and latest comments lists on the job overview page aren't cleared when refreshing or switching between jobs
[KLAROS-2775] - Unable to render test suite attachments during test execution
[KLAROS-2774] - Regression introduced by KLAROS-2729 in release 4.3.8 affects conflict resolution dialogs
[KLAROS-2773] - Changes to the project detail access tab are not properly broadcasted to the application
[KLAROS-2770] - Exception when double clicking buttons while managing categories
[KLAROS-2759] - Rendering problem with umlauts in user defined properties
[KLAROS-2758] - Oracle reports ORA-00972 when filtering with custom enum properties
[KLAROS-2757] - Oracle reports ORA-01795 when bulk deleting more than a thousand test cases at once
[KLAROS-2753] - Missing entries in the Windows start menu
[KLAROS-2751] - The Issues page shows a new button upon first visit even if no issue management system has yet been defined
[KLAROS-2749] - Windows service installation skript does not properly sets CATALINA_HOME environment variable
[KLAROS-2741] - The maximum number of mobile device license slots is ignored when scanning for mobile devices while importing project backups

Version 4.3.8 - 2015-10-26

[KLAROS-2706] - Allow to execute test cases from the requirement details test case tab
[KLAROS-2732] - Synchronize the last modification date of external issues
[KLAROS-2733] - Automatically deactivate users after creation if all license slots are occupied
[KLAROS-2737] - Improve logging during issue management system synchronisation
[KLAROS-2739] - KlarosIssue.getExternalId should return the public key of the issue instead of the internal Jira ID
[KLAROS-2742] - Mark unsupported Java runtime environments on the system overview page
[KLAROS-2743] - Add help information for the application URL setting
[KLAROS-2745] - Update the MS-SQL driver to the latest JDBC 4.1 driver

Fixed Bugs:
[KLAROS-2729] - Database conflict during updating test result comments
[KLAROS-2736] - The Issue tab on the test case details page is missing in the Community Edition
[KLAROS-2738] - Issue Management System Integration fails if an issue that is linked in Klaros has been deleted from the IMS
[KLAROS-2740] - Unexpected exception when trying to delete multiple test runs at once
[KLAROS-2744] - Windows service installation script no longer picks up memory settings configured at installation automatically
[KLAROS-2746] - Refreshing a project details page after a re-login due to a session timeout may lead to an exception
[KLAROS-2748] - When adding or removing test cases or requirements the overview tabs of requirements and iterations are not immediately refreshed

Version 4.3.7 - 2015-10-02

[KLAROS-2722] - Add a busy indicator to the issue creation page of the test runner
[KLAROS-2646] - During test execution, provide a way to create review jobs and to assign them to the creator of the executed test artifact
[KLAROS-2452] - Show a warning if a user tries to continue a testrun that is currently being executed by another user
[KLAROS-2725] - Sort the list of latest comments and test runs by date on the job overview page

Fixed Bugs:
[KLAROS-2724] - Coverage information for requirements are not properly refreshed when adding requirements to an iteration
[KLAROS-2730] - Import of project backup xml files may fail if mobile client activities are referenced
[KLAROS-2723] - Test results of test cases marked as skipped must not be counted towards report statistics
[KLAROS-2726] - The success field of jobs is always empty, even if there are test runs for the job
[KLAROS-2728] - The select all button on the import project page does not work as expected

Version 4.3.6 - 2015-09-21

[KLAROS-2708] - Support non case-sensitive user name matching
[KLAROS-2712] - When trying to execute an automatically executable test case or suite, the user should be redirected to the import result page
[KLAROS-2718] - Allow the user to review and confirm bulk changes made on list pages

Fixed Bugs:
[KLAROS-2701] - Importing test suite results may lead to skipped test suite results with error message: Unable to identify test suite result
[KLAROS-2704] - Accessing the list of issues for a test case via the model API returns a Set instead of a List
[KLAROS-2707] - Calling issue.getExternalId() on an external JIRA issue via the reporting API sometimes returns the JIRA internal ID instead of the external ID
[KLAROS-2710] - Preselected system under test and test environment for jobs are ignored when starting the execution of a job
[KLAROS-2714] - Changing existing background authentication information for a issue management system will only take effect after a server restart
[KLAROS-2716] - ClassCast-exception when rendering reports containing lists of artifacts
[KLAROS-2717] - Spurious class cast exception while retrieving job update action lists via the report model API

Version 4.3.5 - 2015-08-21

Fixed Bugs:
[KLAROS-2685] - Created issue management systems are not immediately visible in the test runner
[KLAROS-2686] - The issue management selection during issue creation may fail initially if the given Klaros credentials do not match the remote system credentials
[KLAROS-2687] - Misleading warning message 'This test suite can not be executed manually because it has no manual executable test case' when continuing single test runs
[KLAROS-2690] - Unable to access attachment name field in the model API
[KLAROS-2691] - Impossible to access the attachment repository via the reporting API
[KLAROS-2695] - Remove deleted issue management systems from the project details page
[KLAROS-2697] - Unable to use the user role filter on the manage users page
[KLAROS-2698] - Occasional ClassCastException when accessing job update action lists in reports when using the reporting API

[KLAROS-2597] - Denote the reason in the test result when automatically creating skipped test results
[KLAROS-2670] - As soon as the first result of a test run is saved, prevent all appertaining test artifacts from being deleted
[KLAROS-2674] - If a test suite or test case on the evaluate test run page has multiple revisions, include the revision number in the name of the artifact
[KLAROS-2678] - Show the number of test runs, test case results and test suite results on the tab headings in the results tab
[KLAROS-2699] - Administrators should be allowed to restore deleted issue management systems

Version 4.3.4 - 2015-07-30

Fixed Bugs:
[KLAROS-2596] - Race condition when updating a comment of a test suite run
[KLAROS-2638] - Exception during user editing when no project is activated
[KLAROS-2639] - Non-default report parameters are ignored when rendering PDF reports
[KLAROS-2640] - Error during mobile job synchronization
[KLAROS-2652] - Job attachments cannot be deleted
[KLAROS-2667] - Exception when viewing the print page of a test run
[KLAROS-2668] - Exception when pressing the details icon of a test case on the requirement overview page
[KLAROS-2675] - The issue tab on the system under test details page and the test case details page sometimes show improper issues.
[KLAROS-2676] - The number of issues on the test case details tab doesn't match the actual number of issues in some cases
[KLAROS-2677] - User defined property values are not properly updated when synchronizing requirements

[KLAROS-2544] - Show test environment and system under test details upon test execution launch
[KLAROS-2613] - Speed up loading a very large list of projects via the project selector
[KLAROS-2642] - Implement a migrator for test case results with no verdict
[KLAROS-2643] - The progress rate, success rate and status of a job and its sub jobs should be reset after reopening it
[KLAROS-2644] - Document the official support for Oracle 12 databases
[KLAROS-2645] - Update the distributed Tomcat application server to version 8.0.24
[KLAROS-2647] - Improve page rendering speed for resources
[KLAROS-2651] - Add support for the trac issue owner field
[KLAROS-2665] - Show attachments for test cases, test suites, test environments and systems under test upon test execution launch
[KLAROS-2669] - Denote the reason why skipped and locked test cases cannot be executed

Version 4.3.3 - 2015-06-26

Fixed Bugs:
[KLAROS-2622] - The documentation is missing some chapters
[KLAROS-2626] - Startup error when checking database revisions using Java 7
[KLAROS-2628] - Exception when trying to synchronize deleted/unaccessible issues in bulk mode
[KLAROS-2629] - The installer no longer creates the tomcat admin user account
[KLAROS-2630] - Page footer of the test suite report file is not properly internationalized
[KLAROS-2632] - Unable to import junit test results
[KLAROS-2633] - Specified iteration ids during result import may lead to errors in some cases
[KLAROS-2634] - 'Error converting from 'String' to 'Class' de.verit.klaros.core.export.testcase.model.TestCaseContainer' when importing test cases in XLS format

[KLAROS-2623] - Extend the Reporting API to return browse page and print page URLs for Klaros artifacts
[KLAROS-2631] - Keep the natural order of objects when transferring them to another project
[KLAROS-2635] - Specify -Djava.awt.headless=true in the tomcat startup file
[KLAROS-2637] - Improve documentation regarding windows service installations

Version 4.3.2 - 2015-06-13

Fixed Bugs:
[KLAROS-2620] - HTTP 404 if Klaros is installed in a folder other than /.klaros
[KLAROS-2619] - Exception on the iteration details system under tests page
[KLAROS-2616] - Impossible to set the default issue management system
[KLAROS-2615] - After upgrading from 4.2.8 to 4.3.1 upon the first startup, new message properties cannot be found
[KLAROS-2610] - Freshly imported requirements have no state set under special circumstances
[KLAROS-2609] - Exception when pressing an element in the ID column in the latest result list on the test case overview page
[KLAROS-2607] - Selecting an older version from the version dropdown box on the download page and then switching back to the current version generates a broken link

[KLAROS-2618] - Fix the formatting of the ID column on the issue management systems page
[KLAROS-2611] - Added latest results list to the test suite overview page
[KLAROS-2605] - Remove duplicate mouseover popups

Version 4.3.1 - 2015-06-02

Fixed Bugs:
Windows startup error due to invalid setenv.bat contents Issue: KLAROS-2606.
Problem accessing project lists in the presence of access limited projects for some roles Issue: KLAROS-2604.
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when accessing a project list with restricted projects in role tester Issue: KLAROS-2603.
Exception when double clicking on some buttons in popups Issue: KLAROS-2602.
Missing wrapper reference in wrapper list during save operation Issue: KLAROS-2601.
The Latest Test Activity report on the dashboard doesn't show all data under some circumstances Issue: KLAROS-2599.


Version 4.3.0 - 2015-06-01

New features:
Offer a closer integration of remote issues including creation, linking and listing  Issue: KLAROS-2578. 
Add support for the ctest (CMake) result file format  Issue: KLAROS-2564. 
Add support for the CUnit result file format  Issue: KLAROS-2563. 
Add support for the xUnit.net result file format  Issue: KLAROS-2562. 
Show the related job history for test cases and test suites  Issue: KLAROS-2528. 
Add support for Bugzilla 4.5  Issue: KLAROS-2521. 
Store information about remote issues in the local database  Issue: KLAROS-2511. 
Display related issues on the system under test details page  Issue: KLAROS-2507. 
Add support for custom fields and attachments in jobs  Issue: KLAROS-2492. 
Add synchronization support for requirement import  Issue: KLAROS-2459. 
Add an overview tab to the details pages of artifacts  Issue: KLAROS-2440. 
Add support for a guest role  Issue: KLAROS-2427. 
User defined text properties should also be available as multi-line text areas  Issue: KLAROS-2255. 
Support configurable mail notification schemes and notification events  Issue: KLAROS-2211. 
Extend the Model API to allow access to related issues for test cases and suts  Issue: KLAROS-957. 
Fixed Bugs:
Lower page selector does not automatically save the current selected page size  Issue: KLAROS-2595. 
Unable to clear due date information in Jira issues  Issue: KLAROS-2587. 
Issue management custom fields are shown by their id instead of their name in the create issue view  Issue: KLAROS-2586. 
Error when editing a user with a username which also already exists in a case insensitive variant  Issue: KLAROS-2585. 
Exception during test case execution  Issue: KLAROS-2553. 
Exception during removal of a category node  Issue: KLAROS-2551. 
Installer does not properly clear the previously deployed application during the update process in some situations  Issue: KLAROS-2537. 
Properly encode string path parameters in report URL path  Issue: KLAROS-2536. 
Unable to define a date report parameter with an empty default date  Issue: KLAROS-2506. 
Provide an internationalized version of the installer  Issue: KLAROS-2594. 
Allow to specify the related iteration when importing automated test results  Issue: KLAROS-2592. 
Remove deprecated and unused references from the model API  Issue: KLAROS-2591. 
Testers should be able to remove attachments from test case results  Issue: KLAROS-2590. 
Reduce the number of situations where the selected page has to be reset when switching projects or iterations from the selector bar  Issue: KLAROS-2583. 
Show the number of  contained entries in tab titles of detail pages  Issue: KLAROS-2566. 
Add support for requirement states  Issue: KLAROS-2550. 
Speed up rendering of test suite and requirement lists  Issue: KLAROS-2549. 
Allow to remove duplicate test cases from test suites  Issue: KLAROS-2529. 
Allow to configure the initial test case display collapsed state during test execution  Issue: KLAROS-2523. 
Update the search index immediately upon saving data  Issue: KLAROS-2520. 
Show the test suite name for test run reports of test suite executions  Issue: KLAROS-2498. 
Add attachment information to the model API  Issue: KLAROS-2496. 
Add access to external test case and external requirement names in the model API  Issue: KLAROS-2489. 
Display the verdict of the latest test case result for every test case on the test cases tab in the requirement details page  Issue: KLAROS-2478. 
Reflect the product version in the installer file name and windows executable meta-data  Issue: KLAROS-2467. 
Create a work log entry when starting or continuing a testrun which is updated after every user interaction  Issue: KLAROS-2464. 
Allow the linking of issues with no test case result  Issue: KLAROS-2463. 
Add support for permanent job links  Issue: KLAROS-2453. 
Link to the changes tab when clicking on the date of "Created by  ... on ... " entries  Issue: KLAROS-2446. 
Update the distributed Tomcat application server to version 8.0.23  Issue: KLAROS-2444. 
Mark overdue jobs red only if the job is new, reopened or in progress  Issue: KLAROS-2443. 
Move the job comment section and the log work section into new tabs in the job details page  Issue: KLAROS-2430. 
Show a more descriptive error message when trying to save a report template with an empty report parameter  Issue: KLAROS-2418. 
Show a descriptive error message instead of an exception when linking an issue with an invalid value in the "Estimated Time" field  Issue: KLAROS-2416. 
Allow to import test results from a job view  Issue: KLAROS-2257. 
The Jenkins plugin should not try to export test results for canceled builds  Issue: KLAROS-2229. 
Show the test suites which contain the selected test case on the test case details page  Issue: KLAROS-2123. 
Jenkins/Hudson plugin: Whitespaces at the end of input fields leads to bogus file upload  Issue: KLAROS-1981. 
Improve the behavior of the test case re-execution  Issue: KLAROS-1753. 
Allow to create test suites on test result import  Issue: KLAROS-1704. 
Show issues on test case result and test case details pages  Issue: KLAROS-1583. 
Allow to search for and change test case references in test suites  Issue: KLAROS-1460. 
Predefined HTML Reports lack readability  Issue: KLAROS-956. 
Add support for relative date information  Issue: KLAROS-892.