Attachments in Reports?

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Attachments in Reports?

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within Evaluate -- Test Case Results -- Test Run -- Attachments are 2 files (FileType=image/tiff) inside my testcase-sample.

These images aren't visible in exported test-reports (pdf, html).
How can this be done? Is this possible in EP-edition of Klaros?

Used Klaros-environment: Community Ed. 4.2.1

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RE: Attachments in Reports? (Antwort)

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Hi Paul,

the listing of attachments in the reports of the Community Edition is not supported.

The print pages of the Enterprise Edition show clickable thumbnails for attachments that are detected as pictures.
In addition you may embed these in the custom reports of the Enterprise Edition.

Please note that attachments are accessible via URLs from all other tools even in the Community Edition.
You may copy the URL shown by right clicking on the attachment name link for this purpose.

Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Kind regards,