Getting total time of a Validation Process

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Getting total time of a Validation Process

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I need to calculate a total time, which is spent executing a group of TestSuite.

The idea is to know how much time is spent executing a Test Plan.

Thanks in advance.

Angel Hidalgo
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RE: Getting total time of a Validation Process (Antwort)

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Hi Angel,

you may achieve this by creating a custom report which traverses all the test runs you would like to evaluate and adding up the individual execution times in the contained test results.

The duration (in ms) for each test case result can be determined by the getExecutionTime() method of the KlarosTestCaseResult class, you will have to add up all these values to get your intended result. The KlarosTestCaseResult instances can be found by the getResults() method in the KlarosTestRun class.

If you group the test suites you would like to investigate using nested jobs (one parent job, one sub-job per test suite) you can get to the test runs quite easily using getTestRuns() in the KlarosJob class. You just need to identify the parent job and list the sub jobs via getSubJobs() in the KlarosJob class.

Hope this helps,