10.4. Mobile Devices

10.4.1. Mobile Device Details

The Mobile Devices page gives the user an overview of all mobile devices with the Klaros-Test­management Mobile Edition Android Client installed that have tried to synchronize with the Klaros-Test­management server at least once.

The Mobile Devices Page

Figure 10.11. The Mobile Devices Page

The first column of the table shows the automatically generated number that each mobile device is assigned. The second info column, indicated by the light bulb, shows the status of the mobile device, which can be either activated, deactivated or blocked.

Above the table two numbers are displayed, Licensed Mobile Devices and Activated Mobile Devices. Licensed Mobile Devices shows the maximum number of mobile devices that can be activated on this Klaros-Test­management installation. Activated Mobile Devices shows the number of mobile devices that are currently activated. This number is less or equal to the number of licensed mobile devices.

The column labeled Device Name shows the model name of the mobile device. To further distinguish multiple mobile devices of the same model, the Comment column can be used. The last two columns show the user name of the last user that has synchronized with this mobile device and also the time at which the synchronization took place. Clicking the username displays the user details page for this user.

Mobile devices may be viewed on a printer-friendly page as described in Section 5.2.6, “Print Pages”.

10.4.1. Mobile Device Details

The Mobile Devices Details Page

Figure 10.12. The Mobile Devices Details Page

Clicking either the id of the mobile device or the details symbol on the rightmost column opens the mobile device details page. This page contains all of the details of the mobile device, like the installed Android version and the unique device id. An administrator can check the Activated checkbox to activate or deactivate the device and the Blocked checkbox to block or unblock it.

The Results tab displays the results of all test runs that have been executed on this mobile device.

The Mobile Device Results Tab

Figure 10.13. The Mobile Device Results Tab

The Connection Log tab displays the connection log for the mobile device. It shows the time and user name used for each synchronization of this device with Klaros-Test­management. Clicking the user name opens up the user details page for this user.

The Mobile Device Connection Log Tab

Figure 10.14. The Mobile Device Connection Log Tab