1.2. Klaros-Test­management Enterprise Edition Features

Additional features of Klaros-Test­management Enterprise Edition:

Project based role management

A user can be assigned to a different role in each project, allowing to individually limit rights and access to information.

Agile Test Management (Scrum)

Iterative development processes are supported by using test cycles to coincide with development cycles (sprints).

Requirement Management, Test Coverage

Collection of requirements and linking them to test cases enables Klaros-Test­management to track the test coverage of the requirements.

Assigning and Management of Jobs

Jobs to execute test cases and test suites can be generated, assigned to users and tracked easily at all times.

Evaluation of the User Workload

With the help of tables and diagrams, the workload, duration and progress of test activity for each user can be clearly displayed.

Measure Success Rate and Progress

Jobs can be arranged hierarchically. The success rate and progress of all jobs can be seen at any time.


Klaros-Test­management Enterprise Edition allows multiple categorization of requirements, iterations, systems under test, test environments, test cases and test suites.

Change history

Every change to test data is recorded and displayed in the change history to enable better tracking of changes.

User-Defined Custom Fields

Klaros-Test­management Enterprise Edition allows the definition and usage of custom fields for requirements, iterations, test cases, test suites, test environments and systems under test.

User Definable Reports

Klaros-Test­management Enterprise Edition also supports definition and creation of individually designed reports in PDF or Excel format. For this a simple but powerful programming interface is integrated.

Configurable Dashboard

In Klaros-Test­management Enterprise Edition, users can organize their dashboard according to their individual requirements.

LDAP Support for User Authentication

Klaros-Test­management Enterprise Edition can authenticate users against an external LDAP/Active Directory system which contains the passwords of the users.

Excel Export of Data Tables

Klaros-Test­management Enterprise Edition enables the quick export of data tables in excel format in order to undertake further processing on demand.

Print View

All important test data in Klaros-Test­management Enterprise Edition can be displayed on printer friendly pages.

Bulk Actions

Klaros-Test­management Enterprise Edition enables bulk actions on objects on list pages. Multiple objects may be deleted, duplicated, revisioned or displayed on a printer friendly page by selecting them and clicking a bulk action button.