• Test Case Properties
    Detail View

  • Test Management Dashboard
    Showing Test Activity

  • Test Suite Status
    with Result Overview

  • Test Runs with Parameters
    and Results

  • Test Coverage
    of a Requirement

  • Custom Test Report Creation

  • Test Job Properties
    Detail View

  • Test Environment Overview
    with Results

  • Test Plan Showing Success and
    Progress Rates of Test Jobs

  • Test Case Result Details
    with Test Steps Results

  • Managing Test Jobs Hierarchies

  • Requirement Overview Showing
    Current Test Coverage

  • Issue/Defect Management Integration

  • Test Iteration Overview
    with Progress and Success Rates

  • Execution of a Test Suite
    with several Test Cases

  • Iteration Report - Test Run Results grouped by
    Systems under Test and Test Environments

  • System under Test Report - Test Result Overview for all Test Environments

  • Test Run Report - Detailed Test Case Results per Test Step

  • Job Report - Job Progress Overview by Job Status

  • System under Test Report - Test Results for a specific Test Environment

  • Issue Report - Overview of Issue State and History

  • Test Run Report - Test Result Status Summary

  • Job Report - List Job Status grouped by Priority

  • Issue Report - Issues in Relation to Test Cases

  • Job Detail Report - Progress and Success Status and History

  • Job Detail Report - System under Test Coverage grouped by Job Status

  • Iteration Report - Test Run Results
    Showing the Success Rate

  • Test Run Report

  • Custom Report

  • Test History Report

  • Test Project Overview

  • Latest Test Success Rate

Dashboard Reports

  • Test Activity

  • System under Test Overview

  • Test Progress

  • Test Progress History

  • Test Environment Overview