For a successful test management solution we also offer additional services

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As a service provider with 20 years of experience in the development and quality assurance of software, we support you with services for a smooth start and long-term success with Klaros Test Management.


  Product Trainings / Workshops

Upon request, our employees will hold training courses in the form of workshops.

We coordinate duration and content individually with you according to your requirements.

  Product Add-Ons and Customizations

Depending on your individual requirements, it may be necessary to adapt or extend Klaros test management.

Let us know your wishes, we will check feasibility and will gladly offer you a solution at a fixed price.

  Accompanied Product Launch

Avoid pitfalls in the early stages of product introduction. Benefit from a quick training by our staff.

We support you in data structuring and modeling.

  Legacy Data / Tool Migration

Do you already have existing tests in Excel or another test management tool that you would like to replace?

We will examine how your data can be transferred to Klaros Test Management and will be happy to help you with the implementation.

  Additional Services

By arrangement, we also conduct webinars and consulting via webviewer on individual topics of your choice. Possible contents range from advice on the introduction and optimal data structuring to support in the integration with external tools for defect, requirement management or test automation.

We also offer to review the test setup / architecture during or after the introduction.

You are also welcome to arrange consultation quotas, which can be called up as needed.

  +49 631 520 840 00
We discuss all additional services on an individual basis. Please contact us for an offer.