Klaros Testmanagement 3.3.2 released

This time the new release focuses on increased speed and stabilizition as well as improving the user experience. The developers fixed 32 bugs, and created over 30 improvements and new features:

  • The test step administration has been revised and now manages multi-line step descriptions and a new field for expected results
  • The test execution window has been redesigned and shows more detailed information, multiple-line descriptions and fixes controls on the same position
  • Newly created users now receive their access credentials via email
  • The execution of test suites can now be aborted at any time
  • The test suite results show a summary of their test results
  • The built-in reports are able to show skipped tests
  • The already added tests are marked accordingly when creating test suites
  • The Mantis and Redmine integration has been updated


All these improvements are available both in the free Community Edition as well as included in the Enterprise Edition.

Especially for the Enterprise Edition the definition of labels and descriptions for report parameters has been added for customizable reports, as well support has been added for searching and filtering of custom properties.

To check out the details and release notes please refer to the Forum announcement.

Version 3.3.1 fixes a database initialization problem which prevented users to login to fresh installations.

Version 3.3.2 fixes an authentication problem with Redmine when Klaros credentials differ from the Redmine credentials and contains several reference manual additions.