Klaros-Test­management Mobile Edition

  Move your test activity to a mobile device

Often tests are carried out by a specialist department who has little or no contact with the technical aspects of the tests.

Preparation and maintenance of test data, assignment of jobs to testers as well as evaluation of test results can be carried out comfortably by test managers through the web application.

After specifying the tests, the tasks for the testers are transferred to the mobile device. The tester can now operate directly on site, e.g. test a vehicle or machine function and document the results. Thus the separation of administrative and testing tasks streamlines the interaction between the QA department and its testers.

  Execute Your Tests - Everywhere and at Any Time

A system under test does not necessarily have to be a piece of software. Stationary mechanisms and devices or mobile machines like vehicles and their parts have to be tested comprehensively.

These tests can be executed and documented on site even without a network connection using the Klaros app. The mobile device acts as a a modern, enhanced checklist.

 Enrich your Test Documentation

Using the sensors of a mobile device (camera, microphone, GPS) testers gain additional possibilities for documenting their test results.

Audio notes, photos and videos can be taken or, for example, unusual noises can be recorded.

It is sometimes necessary to include position information as a test parameter. In this case, the integrated GPS function can automatically document the location of the test execution.

 Focus on Testing

Tests are often carried out by a department which has/should have/wants to have little contact with the technical part of test creation and maintenance.

A big part of the complexity of a full blown test management application can be hidden using the Klaros-TestManagement app. This allows the testers to concentrate on execution of test cases and removes the need for expensive training.

Even when the system under test is a software system on a stationary computer it is sensible to use the app for testing. Testers often have to change the window or application for each input, so there are constant interruptions to the test process.

Using the app, the system being tested can stay on screen while recording of test results happens on a separate, mobile device, speeding up the test process.

 Work Offline

The app communicates with the web application through an automatic synchronization process.

Test results are uploaded to the web application once a network connection is available. They can be processed and retested straight away.

The synchronization will be attempted later if there is no immediate network connection.

To install the App for the Mobile Edition on your Android smart phone or tablet please follow this link to Google Play or use the QR code.


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