Klaros-Testmanagement 4.12.1 released

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Klaros-Testmanagement 4.12.1 released
8/5/19 10:11 AM
We are pleased to announce the release of Klaros-Testmanagement version 4.12.1.

This is a minor release that adds the ability to navigate back to the origin of synchronized test cases/suites and fixes two more issues.

The feature release Klaros-Testmanagement version 4.12 features a completely rewritten Redmine integration with support for Redmine 4.0 and is now certified to work with OpenJDK 8.

What is new in version 4.12?

  • The new Redmine Connector supports Redmine 4.0 and no longer requires the installation of a plugin
  • The royalty-free OpenJDK 8 platform is now officially supported
  • The Jira-Connector can now be used for token-based authentication as required by Jira Cloud instances
  • Improved print page layout
  • Faster loading of test suite lists
  • The revamped documentation now includes a symbol index

Release Notes

Version 4.12.1 (02.08.2019)


[KLAROS-4194] - Allow to select the originating test case / test suite from the corresponding details page when it is a synchronized entity

Bug Fixes

[KLAROS-4207] - The single select buttons on tables can sometimes be checked only after the bulk select button has been checked and unchecked at least once Blocker
[KLAROS-4205] - It is not possible to assign jobs to a tester during the creation via "Jobs from Test Cases" or "Jobs from Testsuites"

Version 4.12 (29.07.2019)

New Features

[KLAROS-4102] - Support the native Redmine API
[KLAROS-4181] - Declare OpenJDK 8 as an officially supported platform


[KLAROS-4137] - Add support for token based authentication for Jira
[KLAROS-4158] - Improve the layout of requirements printpages
[KLAROS-4165] - Speed up rendering of test suite lists
[KLAROS-4168] - Improve the layout of dedicated tables the print pages
[KLAROS-4182] - Drop Java 7 Support
[KLAROS-4187] - The user should be able to decide if the status of the test case should be updated when creating a review
[KLAROS-4190] - Document the linux service installation using systemd
[KLAROS-4191] - Include the test runner icons in the corresponding documentation section
[KLAROS-4195] - When creating an issue, it should be displayed which user is currently logged in to the IMS.
[KLAROS-4200] - Add a symbol index appendix to the documentation
[KLAROS-4202] - Do not show an edit icon when creating an yet unsaved project
[KLAROS-4203] - Detect and log unsupported Java Runtime Environments during startup

Bug Fixes

[KLAROS-3927] - Test cases should never have multiple instances of the same user defined enum property
[KLAROS-4139] - Impossible to switch the test case revision in the start execute dialog
[KLAROS-4159] - Wrong section highlight after back navigation
[KLAROS-4172] - Do not append the hostname from the testsuite name when importing result files that contain the 'hostname' attribute
[KLAROS-4174] - Exception when calling KlarosContext.getAttachmentURL() while previewing custom reports
[KLAROS-4175] - Exception during result file import
[KLAROS-4177] - The session timeout setting entered during installation is not properly promoted to the application server in later versions
[KLAROS-4178] - Project access settings should not be editable for deactivated projects
[KLAROS-4180] - Unable to copy a test suite from another project whose associated sut has been deleted
[KLAROS-4184] - Empty system proxy configuration is not parsed correctly by OpenJDK
[KLAROS-4185] - Edit current project icon during project quick selection shows no effect
[KLAROS-4186] - In the community edition it should not be possible to create a review while executing tests
[KLAROS-4188] - Custom report preview function not working in Brave browser
[KLAROS-4192] - Chapter 9 of the documentation sporadically shows an execute icon instead of a view icon
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