Klaros Test Management Docker Integration

Docker Logo In addition to the native installation under Windows and Linux, Klaros can now also be operated as a container within a docker-based environment. The application can be installed and managed in isolation, making updates easier to perform.

The Docker integration is available as an open source project on GitHub and can be downloaded from there free of charge. Supported databases are Apache Derby, MariaDB, MySQL, PostgresSQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

Detailed step-by-step instructions guide you through the entire installation process.

Find all further information at: https://github.com/klaros-testmanagement/klaros-docker

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Justin Yu
Hi, do you have plans to upgrade the docker image to v5.x series?
Verfasst am 16.10.20 07:08.
Yes, they will be upgraded soon. I will let you know here.
Verfasst am 16.10.20 10:53 als Antwort auf Justin Yu.
Hi justin. The docker image have been updated now: https://github.com/stolp/klaros-docker/releases/tag/5.0.3
Verfasst am 19.10.20 16:47 als Antwort auf Torsten Stolpmann.
Justin Yu
Thanks so much!!
Verfasst am 20.10.20 04:14 als Antwort auf Torsten Stolpmann.