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When do you need a professional test management tool?

If you

  • have several users working concurrently on test documents
  • need a history of all test results, versions and changes
  • want to avoid error-prone and cumbersome editing of calculation sheets
  • have an additional requirement for resource management in project management.
  • like to enter, store, manage and evaluate your test data using a convenient environment

When do you need to upgrade to the Enterprise Edition?

If you

  • need to design individual reports, e.g. to follow processes or obey standards
  • require to individually configure your test data in your projects, due to project or customer requirements
  • need to assign and track testing activities of your team
  • require LDAP based user authentication
  • require maintenance, updates and professional support

What is Klaros-Testmanagement Enterprise Edition (Limited)?

  • This edition includes all features of the Enterprise Edition, but is limited to 3 users. Ideal for small teams!

When do you require the Mobile Edition?

If you

  • plan to provide your testers with an easy and convenient access to their tests
  • want to reserve the monitor workspace for the software to be tested
  • do not want to run your tests on a stationary workplace but locally at the system under test
  • want to document your test results via photo, video or audio
  • can not assume to have a network connection while performing the tests
  • additionally need location and tracking information for your tests


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